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Description: Our History
# Established in Canada in 1988, MEEST has become the largest Ukrainian company through which the Slavic community (Ukrainians, Moldovans, Belarussians, Russians and others) living abroad sends consumer goods and money transfers to relatives and friends living in their respective homelands. Monthly, MEEST handles over 600,000 kg of parcel shipments, and millions of dollars in money transfers.
# For the 14 plus years since its establishment, MEEST has earned a reputation for its good business practices, ethical management and serving its customers with commitment and integrity.As a result, we enjoy the trust of millions of people who use our services.
# MEEST corporate offices are located in Toronto, Canada.With more than 400 offices and representatives in the USA, Canada and Australia, we have become the international parcel and money transfer service provider of choice for Ukrainians: between 75% - 80% of Ukrainians in these countries use our services.We are quickly becoming the preferred service provider for many other communities, as well.

-The MEEST Family of Services
# Since 1992, MEEST-Travel, now the largest Ukrainian travel service provider, has served the Slavic community's travel needs through its extensive network of representative offices and agents. In addition to the above, MEEST also provides tourism and hospitality services
# An important part of the MEEST family is MEEST-Media, which includes: the weekly television program Ukrainian Herald (Visnyk Ukrainy); daily radio programs in Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia; and MEEST, the largest Ukrainian-language publication in the West with over 20,000 copies distributed weekly.
Address: 820 N Ridge Ave Ste H
City: Lombard, Illinois 60148
Postal Code:
Telephone: View telephone
Country: United States

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